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If Student Loans Were Honest

College is going to be one of the biggest investments of your life…

…which is why you should just trust what the student loan companies tell you without even thinking twice about how much you could be screwed after school has ended.

Guard Your Mind Like the Precious Resource It Is

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I’m concerned about a better world. I’m concerned about justice; I’m concerned about brotherhood; I’m concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about that, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can’t establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate through violence.  Darkness cannot put out darkness; only light can do that.


Martin Luther King, Jr. (1967)

Something I’ve been working on personally is becoming more in control of my emotions and, more importantly, trying not  to immediately respond when something makes me angry. In order to do this, I’ve found it necessary to be conscious of the anger itself. Specifically, I’ve noticed that when we get angry we tend to move into a state of mind that is obsessively focused on the source of this anger. We dwell on how we were wronged over and over in our minds like an uncontrollable movie, which then makes us even more angry. In an attempt to stop the movie and momentarily feel better about the situation, we tend to lash out. It feels good for a second, but it almost never gets you anywhere.


Hartford Bankruptcy Looms As CT Gov Admits “We Spent Money On Wrong Things”

Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy is among the country’s least popular governors after forcing through two tax hikes that sent individuals and corporations fleeing from the state. Luckily for the state and its people, Malloy apparently has no interest in sticking around to take the heat when it comes time for the next hike: He has announced that he will not seek a third term.

Connecticut has gone without a budget for two months, and is facing devastating cutbacks in municipal services if one isn't passed soon. But Malloy took time off this week from grappling with legislators to speak with a reporter from Reuters, he offers little insight into what lead to the state’s precarious fiscal situation. Instead, he blames it on overspending on prisons.

"The state invested in the wrong things for a period of time. It allowed its higher educational institutions to suffer while it sought to placate communities with respect to other forms of local reimbursement," Malloy told Reuters during an interview in his office on Thursday.


"We built too many prisons, which we're still paying off even while we're closing them," he said. The Democrat took office in 2011 and is not seeking a third term.”

Prisons are only a small part of the state's problem. Choked by outmigration and a debt-service burden that’s the highest in the nation compared with revenues, Connecticut’s fiscal situation is deteriorating rapidly. And after two months without a budget, Reuters reports that, unless lawmakers act soon, the government of one of the wealthiest states in the country will begin cutbacks in education spending and municipal aid as Malloy tries to close an expected $3.5 billion budget shortfall over the coming two years.

Connecticut is one of a handful of US states on the verge of a Greece-style debt-crisis, as it struggles to service some $23 billion in municipal debt, all while lawmakers keep one eye on the state’s unfunded pension liabilities, which have climbed to a terrifying $50 billion, thanks to the generous retirement packages enjoyed by Connecticut state employees. (more…)

America’s Inner Cities Are In Chaos… Just Look At Baltimore & Chicago


America’s real war zone is not in Afghanistan or on the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

It’s actually in our inner cities where this forgotten war decades old is plagued with out of control homicides and an opioid crisis tearing America apart at the seams.

The root cause of this chaos is from with-in and linked to 50-years of democratic controlled leadership, along with decades of deindustrialization.

A new crisis is looming and the first shot was heard in Charlottesville. The growing tensions in America between the left and right could spur a “new civil war”,  according to Rush Limbaugh.

The battlefield of choice is America’s inner city, where leftist groups threw the first punch in toppling Confederate statues not just in Baltimore or Chicago, but across the entire United States.

Battlefield Report of America’s Inner Cities: 

The battlefield report for Baltimore is grim so far this week.

There have been 11 people shot and 3 homicides police are investigating in 2 days.


The city is on track for the record breaking homicides this year according to The Economist. (more…)

Paul Brodsky: “Sorry, It Had To Be Said”

Submitted by Paul Brodsky from Macro Allocation

Being Here

     “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.”

      – Chauncey Gardner (Chance, the Gardner)

This piece takes a roundhouse swing at politics, real and imagined, and discusses critical economic issues that politicians should actually apply a little intelligence to, but are not. Capitalism will ultimately set things right, but it will have to overcome the political dimension’s best efforts to ignore real issues.

The Real Deal

An important character trait for wealth creation today seems to be incuriosity – find out what’s working, hop on board, enjoy the ride and don’t ask questions. Growth and value metrics seem to matter less than they used to, and so investors have turned their gaze to macroeconomics and, gulp, politics.

We think investment-related political discussions that handicap the likelihood of new pro-growth fiscal, tax, trade and regulatory policies in the US are off-base and have taken on too much importance. They do not promise sustainable support for the US economy or markets given a few twenty-first century realities:

  • Full value: the scale of financial markets has already become quite big relative to output.
  • Financial asset price appreciation now reflects a) short-term balance sheet management and b) price deflationary innovation, rather than growth in the sustainable capital stock.
  • There is no longer such a thing as a domestic economy, even if economic initiatives help shift domestic investment and consumption. (more…)

“Bitcoin Saved My Life…”

Authored by Joe Withrow via,

Eli’s mother was dying from cancer.

Eli is 33 years old. He owns a shoe store in Caracas, Venezuela. His mother has bone cancer.

Venezuela’s currency is the bolivar. It lost 62% of its purchasing power in February. (It lost 67% the month before that.)

That means prices for everything (food, water, and utilities) increased 62% over a month.

Eli couldn’t afford his mom’s medication. So he turned to bitcoin.

You see, Venezuela has capital controls on traditional safe havens like the U.S. dollar (more on that in a moment). (more…)

This Technology Will Upend the Entire Automotive Industry / By Jeff Brown, editor, The Near Future Report / August 23 2017 

Justin’s note: Today’s essay comes from my colleague Jeff Brown, editor of The Near Future Report. Jeff has been working in the tech field for over two decades. He’s always on the lookout for the next world-changing developments.

Last year, Jeff recommended chipmaker Nvidia – the best-performing stock of 2016 – before it climbed 330%. Today, he explains this year’s biggest tech trend…and why it’s just getting started…

Autonomous driving technology is about to completely upend the global automotive industry, which shipped 73.9 million vehicles in 2015. That represents a more than $2 trillion market. And that is just the beginning.

As you can see in the chart below, the $2 trillion market for vehicles is several times larger than the consumer market for televisions, personal computers, or smartphones.


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What We Learned From Charlottesville / Paul Craig Roberts / August 23, 2017

We learned, although we already knew it, that the US media has no integrity.

We learned that the liberal/progressive/left holds fast to myths that justify hate.

We learned that misrepresentation is the hallmark of American history.

We learned that some websites that we thought were brave are not.


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El-Erian Warns Vexed Central Bankers “The Lowflation Demon Is Real” / by Mohamed El-Erian via / Aug 23, 2017 1:31 PM

Persistently low inflation, or “lowflation,” is vexing lots of people. According to the recent minutes of policy meetings of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, central banks on both sides of the Atlantic have been trying to identify the causes — but with limited success so far. This complicates monetary policy decisions and undermines the range of institutional solutions that have been proposed by academics. Until this changes, central banks may need to think more holistically about the objectives of monetary policy, including the unintended consequences for future financial stability and growth of being too loose for too long.

Four facts stand out in reviewing recent inflation data:

  • Inflation rates have been unusually and persistently low.
  • This is primarily an advanced-country phenomenon.
  • Inflation has not responded to the prolonged pursuit of ultra-low interest rates and huge injections of liquidity by central banks through quantitative easing.
  • This has coincided with a period of notable job creation, especially in the U.S., thereby flattening the “Phillips curve” that plots unemployment and inflation rates.


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The United Nations Issues A Warning For The US – Episode 1362b

X22Report, Published on Aug 23, 2017

The indictment for the Awans is missing something very important according to the former State Attorney. The corporate media is trying to push the idea that the incident with the USS McCain might have been caused by hacking. US has alot more troops in Afghanistan than is being reported. China and Russia denounce the sanctions. Poroshenko is preparing and is ready to take back Crimea and Donbass. Video surfaces showing US helping the IS escape from Syria. UN issues a warning to the US.

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