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US Navy Sailor Threatened With Jail After Breaking Regulation By Refusing To Stand For National Anthem

Late last week, Navy Reserve Forces Command published guidance warning troops that they can be punished or prosecuted for refusing to stand when the Star Spangled Banner is played. This was in response to two sailors going public with their decision to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It appears the warning did not work as Fox News reports that Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Janaye Ervin, a reservist stationed at Pearl Harbor, lost her security clearance and was threatened with jail by the Navy after refusing to stand for the national anthem.

The Navy published guidance last week…

A message directed at active-duty sailors and reserve personnel on active duty cites Navy Regulation 1205, which mandates that personnel in uniform must stand at attention and face the flag when the national anthem is played.


It also notes that a Navy administrative message published in 2009 requires Navy active-duty personnel in civilian clothes to face the flag, stand at attention, and place their right hand over their heart.


"Additionally, Sailors receive training on the appropriate usage of social media, and must not use it to discredit the Naval Service, and should be reminded it could potentially be used as evidence against them," the guidance continues, a message apparently directed at the two sailors who published posts on Facebook about their protests.


Failure to comply with these regulations, the message said, is punishable under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and constitutes commission of a serious offense — grounds for administrative separation from the service.


"While military personnel are not excluded from the protections granted by the First Amendment, the US Supreme Court has stated that the different character of our community and of the military mission requires a different application of those protections," the guidance states.


Trauma Programming: “Up To Our Eyeballs In Manufactured Strife”

Submitted by Howard Kunstler via,

As the nation awaits the gruesome spectacle of the so-called debate between Trump and Clinton in an election campaign beneath the dignity of a third-world shit-hole, we are once again up to our eyeballs in manufactured racial strife led by the deliberately prevaricating New York Times. Read today’s front-page story: What We Know About the Details of the Police Shooting in Charlotte, insinuating that the police acted recklessly in the incident.

The facts in the Charlotte, NC, shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott are these: he was shot after refusing repeated loud verbal commands to drop a gun. A gun was found on the scene with his fingerprints on it, along with an ankle holster. Video recordings provide a clear audible record of these commands. Yet the Times story says: Body and dashboard camera footage released on Saturday provided no clear evidence that Mr. Scott had a gun. In the video, Mr. Scott’s arms were at his sides and he was backing away from his vehicle when he was shot.

It happened that the various vehicles parked on the scene interfered with the all the video footage of the critical moment: dashboard cam, officer’s body cam, and the cell phone cam of Mr. Scott’s wife. But the insinuation seems to be that because the video doesn’t show a gun, perhaps there wasn’t one.

The police insist that Mr. Scott was holding a gun. Why is The New York Times bent on ambiguating this story? (more…)

SR 1215 – Houston Mall Shooter is a Muslim Lawyer Who Got Fired

Computer Glitch?

Psychological Operation – Russia Blamed For Warcrimes – Refugee Camp – FSS World News Update

FullSpectrumSurvival, Published on Sep 26, 2016

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Still Report #1214 – Hillary Clinton Campaign Gives Up on Ohio – Donald Trump Dominates Polls

Germany Goes There: “Can’t Compare Deutsche Bank To Lehman” / by Tyler Durden / Sep 26, 2016 10:40 AM

“When it’s important, you have to lie,” is the now well-known mantra from European leaders when the crisis hit. So when a German politician proclaims “you can’t compare Deutsche Bank with Lehman. The bank is in a position to get out of this situation on its own,” it’s time to panic. Just a week after the 8th anniversary of Lehman’s collapse, the multi-trillion dollar derivative book of Deutsche Bank dwarfs that of Lehman… and the credit markets are starting to wake up again.


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When It Comes to Wall Street Money, Trump Is No Purer Than Clinton / By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: September 26, 2016

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump has made a big deal about Hillary Clinton being beholden to Wall Street. That’s true. Wall Street’s mega banks and hedge funds have been major donors to Clinton’s campaign committees after showering her and Bill Clinton with millions of dollars for speeches. But Donald Trump is just as beholden to Wall Street’s mega banks because they are financing his business empire, doing so frequently behind an opaque curtain.

On August 21, the New York Times ran a front-page article by Susanne Craig that pegged Trump’s business debt at $650 million. Three days later, Fortune’s Shawn Tully took a closer look and pegged Trump’s debt at $1.11 billion.

According to Trump’s financial disclosure form updated in May of this year, hundreds of millions of dollars of Trump’s business debt will “mature” over the next seven years. But we don’t actually know what “mature” really means. Are these adjustable rate loans and the interest rate will simply reset on the maturity date? Are these interest-only loans with balloon principal payments at maturity? Are the loans subject to rollover based on a positive reappraisal of the value of the underlying collateral of the commercial real estate?

On September 19 Bloomberg News reported that banks are scaling back lending for commercial real estate “as slowing global economic growth, uncertainty over interest-rates increases and pockets of overbuilding spark concern that commercial real estate prices are due for a fall after almost doubling in six years.”

Trump has said that his adult children will run his business enterprises should be become president. But Trump will be in a position, just as a President Hillary Clinton would, to grant Wall Street mega banks their wish list for Chair of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Secretary, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair and appointees to head other Federal bank regulators. That certainly adds some leverage to the art of the deal.


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Citi Slams “Increasingly Bizarre” Presidential Race As Morgan Stanley Unveils Trump “Contingency Plans” / by Tyler Durden / Sep 26, 2016 10:18 AM

Confirming that even Wall Street’s forecasts are as volatile as general election polling, over the weekend Citi hiked their odds of a Trump presidency from 35% to 40% (having previously lowered it in the same interval), noting that “polls have started to tighten ahead of the U.S. presidential election, and Citi has raised the probability of a Trump victory.” Nonetheless, quoted by Bloomberg, Citi said that its “base case is for a Clinton victory and mostly continuity in policies, which would leave U.S. and global growth expectations relatively unchanged,” while describing the U.S. contest as “increasingly bizarre.”

 “But a Trump victory is a wild card and Citi expects this, among lingering uncertainties from Brexit and elsewhere, may cap the prospects for global growth to pick up in the remainder of the year,” it said.

In terms of what assets Citi believes will be impacted, the banks says that it “expects a Trump win would bring out higher volatility in gold and forex, which in turn should lead to higher volumes in other precious metals.” The reason why gold may be in for a bumpy ride in the final quarter is that in case Trump’s odds rise even more, investors will be preparing for the possibility of higher U.S. interest rates. Under the bank’s base case it may be at $1,320 in the final quarter, or $1,425 under the bull case, which included the possibility of a Trump win.

Elsehwhere, in a report issued this morning by Morgan Stanley’s Michael Zezas, the bank said that “improved odds of a Trump win raise risks to our ‘policy incrementalism’ thesis. If Clinton’s lead remains slim, or worsens, markets may start reflecting Trump’s potential early policy path: tax reform & trade protectionism. We ID vol hedges across assets and strategic considerations for US rates.”


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Is Stockman Right? Is This The Big One? / by Andrew Hoffman | Sep 26, 2016

It’s early Monday morning, on what could not only be an historically bad week for global financial markets, but the “beginning of the end” of the manipulated worldwide perception that “everything’s OK.”  Most of the world’s 7.4 billion denizens know this already, having watched their savings, currencies, standards of living, and political and/or social stability decline substantially since the 2008 financial crisis.  Which also goes for the majority of Westerners, I might add.  However, Western “intervention operatives” – like the PPT, ESF, Fed, and gold Cartel – have been more successful at manipulating markets to defer such perception.  Moreover, having the world’s reserve currency enables the inflationary hell the vast majority are experiencing; and in some cases, like Venezuela, hyperinflation; to be temporarily averted, in lieu of a more gradual, “frog-in-a-pot” type syndrome.  This is why gold, in the “average currency,” is trading at, near, or in many cases well above previous all-time highs.  Which of course the “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM won’t dare discussing, in their cumulative desperation to have you believe the PPT-supported, “record-high” Dow Jones Propaganda Average is indicative of a stability that simply does not exist.

Long-time readers know I rarely, if ever predict anything related to near-term financial market movements – although I am far from bashful in boldly predicting macro-economic events.  Frankly, I’ll put my track record against anyone in the financial media, going all the way back to the turn of the century; particularly in recent years, as the collapse of global economic, monetary, and political stability has unfolded, in my view, quite predictably given the world’s historical unwaveringly horrible experience with fiat Ponzi schemes.  Thus, the fact that since February, I have loudly called for a “catastrophic financial event by year end” is so relevant – as frankly, I have NEVER felt so strongly about my views, as discussed in Friday’s must read article, be careful what you wish for, as we’re about to get it.  This, before the weekend’s news that one, Angela Merkel ruled out the possibility of a government bailout of Deutsche Bank; and two, Moody’s’ downgraded Turkey’s credit rating to junk status.  Consequently, financial markets are “turmoiling,” just in time for what will unquestionably be the most widely watched debate in global history.  And likely, in both my view and David Stockman’s, a major turning point in global perception, from bad to MUCH worse.


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