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Liberty Conservative Investments ( review

I recently placed a bullion order from I was contacted by Ben Seifipour claiming he could beat APMEX prices by a dollar on a Silver American Eagles. I was apprehensive at best. But interested in saving some dollars on silver, I decided to do a little research. They are based in Lewisville, Texas and […]

Possible future…

With wikileaks’ cablegate report out causing massive stir in the political arena, I am not sure if many people realized that they said their next target is a bank. I blogged about the crash JP Morgan, buy silver campaign before but this takes the attack on banks to a whole new level of accountability. Simple […]

APMEX offering Black Friday discount

Apmex is offering up to $25 off a purchase when you use the coupon code BlackFriday2010. APMEX has a great holiday selection of gold and silver bars and coins for the holidays. -silveristhenew

French Bank System’s ‘Day of Reckoning’ Dec 7 2010

Eric Cantona, a former French footballer, went on the air recently to give his view of what should be done with the banking system: If everyone in France decided to walk into the bank and demand their money withdrawn, the system would collapse. The reason this is true has to do with the widely used […]

What is ‘Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver’ all about?

Recently, Max Keiser came up with an idea to put JP Morgan out of business by getting as many people as possible to simply buy one or two ounces of physical silver. That is to say, a tangible piece of physical silver and not a silver stock, ETF, or Silver note. How does this work? […]

Gold vs Silver and the Gold:Silver ratio with David Morgan

David Morgan explains one of the key ratios in metals investing.  The Gold:Silver ratio.  He also talks about why he is bullish on Silver. Check out my list of Silver Bullion suppliers here.

APMEX Silver Eagles for Thanksgiving

I was thinking about a good gift idea for loved ones would be something of real value. Something that could spark the conversation with someone that might not understand some of the things going on in the world today or discussed on this blog. I would love to give the gift of peace of mind […]

Federal Reserve Facts

After some research into the FED, I realized some things that were not readily apparent. Here is a list I have compiled of some of the biggest eye openers about the Federal Reserve Bank: The FED is a private bank and not part of the US government. The $USD has lost 97% of its value […]

What is Fractional Reserve Banking?

An excellent definition is over at wikipedia but if you want a simplified definition of fractional reserve banking here goes: For every dollar deposited in a bank, that bank is legally allowed to lend $9. better even still, a cartoon: buy silver and own something of real value -silveristhenew

500 DOLLAR SILVER and JP Morgan

Have you heard it being talked about? “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” is the war cry for an increasing mob of angry citizens fed up with what is going on in the banking and likewise mortgage sectors. Listen to Max Keiser explain it in his video: If there are enough people buying silver, JP Morgan […]