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China to buy GM IPO

An interesting set of articles today:
google news search for GM China.
So if China is going to assist _AND_ purchase during this IPO, that should tell you something.
One of the only ways that capital is in fact added to the markets is during an IPO. Since GM is now considered Government Motors by most, I have to believe that they had a hand in deciding some of the banks that will assis in the IPO process. Remember that last week, China degraded the United States credit rating down to A+. Both banks involved (ICBC and CICC) are closely tied to the Chinese government. Was this a deal to get China to continue to lend the US money?
The whole thing stinks of sellout.
My free advice: Don’t touch the GM IPO with a ten foot pole. And of course, invest your savings in metals for the upcoming increase in the merry-go-round of US selling its assets off to obtain more debt.

I suggest APMEX but find whatever avenue you trust but nothing less than holding it in your hands and putting in a safe place.

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