Silver as an investment

Good time to jump in?

With silver hovering around $25.50 the last few days and in light of the fact that just a few days ago it was up over $29, it is becoming evident as it steadily creeps back to the $29 range, it is a GREAT time to add it to your portfolio. Where you add it may be the first question you face. As I have stated in my last post, you may want to look into putting physical Gold and Silver into your IRA, but you may also want to buy physical bullion and put it in a vault or safe. I would have to recommend using APMEX as they have been kind, flexible, and pleasant in all my dealings with them.
I have also used Mike Maloney’s site,, for both information and purchase. If you go with, use the coupon code 1299goldsilver to receive a discount.
No matter how you get in, it is the best decision you can make during these tumultuous times. Holding physical Gold and Silver is the only way to protect yourself from the inflation the FED is creating with it’s QE and the governments bailouts. With no end in sight to quantitative easing and no way to pay off this debt, the general public will be fitting the bill with higher prices.

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