Silver as an investment

Doing your research: the basics

When investing in Silver, or anything for that matter, it really pays off to do your research. Begin searching for articles online and talking with other investors. After reading some of the material on goldsilver, I realized that not having the physical metal could easily become problematic if there were ever too high a demand. Consequently, I highly recommend owning the physical stuff. If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it. Find out the history of the metal, its current uses and what some of the supply/demand factors are. has accurate spot price graphs because in the course of your research, you will want to keep an eye on the current market price.

I do not advocate network gold and silver “businesses”. In my opinion, they are pyramid schemes and a waste of your time and money. I am interested in Silver as an investment and not as a scam business.

There are many naysayers and fanatics out there so be sure to keep a level head when your doing your research. Take what advice people give or promote (including mine) with an objective and clear mind. Also, if you find a trusted resource, keep updated with what they are saying about the market.

The metals market is open around the world 24/6 only really closing for Sunday. Go to a kitco 3 day chart to see the different exchanges’ hours through a particular day. Because of this fact, there are retailers that have a constantly updated price while spot changes.

Because the market is worldwide, it is effected by much more than your regional stock markets. It is also effected by politics and governmental central banking. You will find a great many things in your research that you may have not known and may be surprised to learn but when central banks and governments make announcements or take actions, watch how the metals market reacts. This may give you some insight into when you may want to make a purchase.

As and aside, one of the single most motivating factors for me to get out of stocks and into metals was how the continued increase in global economic unrest almost directly correlated with the price in metals and my personal lack of faith in that failing system (one of the results of my research).

Finally, here is a list of some of my resources which is not exhaustive but will get you started. If you have any suggestions, email me or write a comment with some suggestions.

As I mentioned, for live spot price. is an excellent source for current news has plenty of videos and data on the market.
of course, your standard network news outlets for global events,
and have a look at my reviews on suppliers.


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