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What is ‘Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver’ all about?

Recently, Max Keiser came up with an idea to put JP Morgan out of business by getting as many people as possible to simply buy one or two ounces of physical silver. That is to say, a tangible piece of physical silver and not a silver stock, ETF, or Silver note. How does this work?

First, watch Max’s short Video [1:23] :

A longer video of some of data from sellaconcepts [9:47] (I disagree with his stock position near the end though):

If the people who bought those contracts demand physical delivery of the metal and given the recent climb, I would imagine that would be the most beneficial, it would be smart to have some before they purchase.

If you are at all on the fence, buy any amount now before JP Morgan is forced to buy that silver on DEC 11 (known as the silver bullet date).
Here are a list of suppliers I trust.


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