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Doing your research: the basics

When investing in Silver, or anything for that matter, it really pays off to do your research. Begin searching for articles online and talking with other investors. After reading some of the material on goldsilver, I realized that not having the physical metal could easily become problematic if there were ever too high a demand. […]

How to start investing in Silver : the basics

Where to begin? : I have been asked about investing in Silver and initially wondered myself, just how to begin this type of investment. I know how to purchase a home or property as an investment, and I know how to setup a brokerage account to invest in stocks but knew very little about buying […]

Why Silver and not Gold?

I have been asked this question a few times and asked myself the same question too.  What is so special about Silver?  Many analysts have reasons for and against and I suggest you do research for yourself in order to come to a conclusion that satisfies you but I will give you why I am […]

Apmex Silver Rounds

  Check out these APMEX silver rounds.  They are almost proof quality and without the premium that is required from purchasing US minted coins, you get more silver for your dollar (or fiat currency of your choice).    

Watching the GM IPO

Now, I am no expert but as I watch the GM IPO I can’t help but be amazed at the utter lack of movement! as of 3:14 EST it has fluctuated a total of about $1.50. I have stated that I thought it would be a bad idea to get involved in this IPO on […]

Good time to jump in?

With silver hovering around $25.50 the last few days and in light of the fact that just a few days ago it was up over $29, it is becoming evident as it steadily creeps back to the $29 range, it is a GREAT time to add it to your portfolio. Where you add it may […]

Karl Denninger: 2010-11-17 Foreclosure Hearing.mp4


Looking to put physical Gold or Silver in your IRA?

I recently came across the site They specialize in rolling over IRA or 401k accounts and putting physical gold or silver in them. As stocks go down and metals go up, this is an ideal way to maintain your retirement accounts while protecting against inflation. Use coupon code nov10ira to receive a special discount […] coupon Code

use the coupon code 1299goldsilver to receive a discount at Mike Maloney’s goldsilver site.

Are we moving to a Gold Standard already?

I came across this Georgia .gov link. It would seem that the state of Georgia is allowing gold and silver as legal tender in all state transactions. Of course I am no lawyer and my interpertation of this ACT may not be correct. I suggest you read it for yourself but this could be the […]