Silver as an investment

… And 2010 ends

Peter Schiff had some interesting comments to close out 2010. The contents of his refrigerator outperformed the DOW this year 😉

recently Saw this great video on silver fundamentals:

Like I said in my last post, I am pretty certain we haven’t seen anything yet… BUT, an interesting post on the Silver:Gold ratio is here. He talks about watching the ratio to determine when to get out of the market. If your a long term silver investor like me, it is not very relevant but if you trade SLV and GLD or futures contracts, or are leveraged in gold or silver, you may want to take a thorough look his argument.

Silver closes out the year at a 30 year high of $30.91. Silver opened 2010 at $16.87. That is about an 83% gain. Did any of the stocks you invested in do that well?

Have a safe New Years!


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