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Income Tax documentary – Aaron Russo

As you watch this video, remember that the tax code must be in place in order for the central banking system to work. I have reviewed a few bullion suppliers here. Buy precious metals and protect your assets.

Old Silver videos and the new CFTC comments

Here are some Silver Manipulation videos and interviews that I dug up. This is by no means exhaustive but paints a picture of the last few years to indicate where Silver may be going. The real news is the article at the bottom of the page by ZeroHedge. I am very curious to see what […]

Maloney talks about his predictions

I love this guy. Great video source and data. Check out his site. Valuable resource for metals investors. Or, Look at my review of Bullion Suppliers

Silver pulls back

If you have been watching silver yesterday and today, you will have noticed a large pullback to about 28.50. There are a lot of factors going on but I tend to think that the uptrend has lower range of 27.50 so it could go down even further. However, there are no guarantees and as you […]

Demand Physical

As demand for silver approaches physical limits, the price of physical will go ballistic and the ETFs and funds will plummet!

What is happening with Silver?

Today Silver has hit a key resistance mark : $30. At the time of this post, it has hit it twice in one day. This is significant because hitting key resistance multiple times signifies a breakthrough and that resistance usually becomes support. As I am writing and checking the price, it has hit a vertical […]

JP Morgan purchases Copper

It was revealed this weekend [1] that JP Morgan bought a huge amount of copper from the London Metals Exchange. Somewhere between 50% and 80% of the exchange. Given that JPM is currently under investigation for manipulation of the Silver market, I would not be surprised if they are using their new copper ETF to […]

Understanding the FED’s scam

I was recently reminded about a video I haven’t watched in about a year. The title: “America: Freedom to Fascism.” In it, you will find all sorts of information regarding the depth of corruption behind the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Income Tax law. It was a serious eye-opener for me when I first […]

It’s the bankers or us – Alex Jones

buy silver

APMEX for the holidays

Apmex is offering some holiday discounts on Gold and Silver. They have a great selection for gift ideas during the holidays. They have Holiday Silver rounds and just started the 12 days of Christmas promotion. If you are looking to buy holiday metals for loved ones, APMEX has a lot of gift ideas. Every day, […]