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Bank Bailouts Explained

Buy silver because this scam is not going to end good.

Where to get free Silver

As I follow the markets of gold and silver, I have come across a few places that have contests, giveaways, raffles or ideas to acquire free silver or gold. Of course NOTHING is free but these all require something other than fiat currency. Most of them require time or contest entry. Below is a list […]

The Wicked Witch Explains Her Motives.mp4

Chief Monkey Number One discusses gold price suppression with his boss.

Gold standard now supported by Alan Greenspan the person who help destroy USD

If this doesn’t wake some people up, I would be surprised. get ready and Buy Silver

Hyperinflation 1923 – explained

This is an excellent explanation of what happened to German currency after WWI: Buy Silver and prepare for hyperinflation

“Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

If you want Austrian vs Keynesian economics explained in rap form, I found this amusing and accurate: invest in silver along with other Austrian Economists

another reason why the U.S. is doomed

buy silver and protect yourself from this insanity

Coupon code to put metals in your IRA

Liberty Conservative Investments has a coupon code that will waive the annual fee for an IRA rollover if you do it before Feb 15 2011. I have done a review of them here. Check it out! Use coupon code IRA11

What is happening with Silver?

Here is what YouTubers are saying about the markets, Gold and Silver : (if you only watch one of these, watch the first one) visionvictory ( : “Self Sustaining Recovery and the Great Gold Panic of 2011” Peter Schiff : “Jobs Report, U.S. Constitution,” endlessmountain : “Why the $600 Billion Bailout package might be […]

The American Dream Film

I recently saw this great animated movie explaining a lot of the things you have already seen on this blog and elsewhere but this is done very well: buy silver and protect yourself from the bankster squids.