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Where to get free Silver

As I follow the markets of gold and silver, I have come across a few places that have contests, giveaways, raffles or ideas to acquire free silver or gold. Of course NOTHING is free but these all require something other than fiat currency. Most of them require time or contest entry. Below is a list of each place with the requirements of acquiring the silver:

APMEX [sign up]: APMEX is a bullion dealer that has a lot of giveaways and contests giving away silver or gold for retweeting or commenting on their facebook page. They also have a monthly giveaway.

fighting for silver [sign up to enter raffle]: each weeknight, the fighting for silver gives away some silver for guessing the silver price. Raffles are held on the radio show at Jack DeAngelis announces a winner during the show.[update: Jack took down his sight and no longer has a talkshow nor does he give away silver].

the collector’s coach [listen live in chat room]: Jack DeAngelis will also raffle off silver to the chatroom participants. [update: Jack has taken his talkshow off the air and no longer gives away free silver]

less frequent but they still do giveaways:

endlessmountain [watch youtube channel]: endlessmountain is a good channel to follow on youtube and every once in a while he will have a contest to win silver.

qualitysilverbullion [watch youtube channel]: sometimes this guy has a silver giveaway.

As I find more places, I will most likely put them on my where to buy silver page.

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