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Monthly Archives: February 2011

CNBC Talking About Silver on FastMoney

This clip shows you that _some_ people are waking up to owning physical silver. However, notice how BK was laughed at and he didn’t even tell people to buy it. He just simply said that the ‘trade isn’t over.’ The majority of people still have no clue how fiat currency is simply created from nothing […]

Gerald Celente on Current Oil Price Increase

The only hedge on inflation (IMO) is metals. Buy them while they are cheap.

Newstopia accurately explains central banking

The central banks are peddling something that is actually worth NOTHING. When the system eats itself, most people will realize that the only _REAL_ money is and was, always, Gold and Silver. Buy it before central banks make it illegal in an attempt to prolong the ponzi scheme that is fiat currency.

Why SLV is not the same as physical

Buy Physical and take delivery. Don’t be fooled. If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.

David Morgan interview

Buy Silver as the price increases to protect yourself and your assets.

Max Keiser and Gerald Celente on the state of the Insurrection 2011.02.25

Silver Monetary & Industrial Demand with David Morgan

David Morgan, one of the foremost knowledgable in the silver sector. Buy REAL (as he puts it).

Eric Sprott is saying the government lied and there is no more silver

as supplies run out, shipments delayed, shortages occur, the price of silver is going up and we will soon find that the current price of around $33 is an incredible discount. Buy it while there is some left to buy, even if you have to wait for delivery or pay a premium. Extreme backwardation, geo-economical […]

$400 Silver, Extreme Backwardation: James Turk on Goldseek Radio

James Turk gives some insight into the silver market: buy it while you can.

TFMetals: The Wicked Witch Is Nervous

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