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Dollar Collapse Scenario

Buy food and water, then buy silver

Economic Hitman

John Perkins is an ex-Economic Hitman and has a lot of insight into what the U.S. is doing around the world. Read his book ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ Be careful and buy silver.

Mike Maloney and David Morgan talk gold confiscation

Don’t use gold confiscation as an excuse NOT to get into the metals market. Buy it before the $USD goes into hyperinflation.

Mike Maloney and David Morgan talk gold & silver outside the matrix

buy silver to protect yourself from inflation.

Why it is incredibly difficult to save money

In this video, the author goes through what happens to your dollar before you can spend it. This scam on the populous is one of the biggest reasons to own silver. The #1 Secret Why Gold/Silver Will Continue to Explode Higher: buy silver before the secret becomes mainstream knowledge

Your Life According To The Government

protect yourself from the rat race and buy silver.

ZH : Eric Sprott On A “Gold Tsunami” posted a great article and I won’t spoil the read by summing it up but here is an excerpt : We believe Asian demand for physical gold and silver is akin to a tsunami. While precious metals prices have corrected on the paper exchanges, the inflation resurgence in Asia is quietly driving new, unforeseen […]

Resource Scarcity

Forbes on resources: “… something has changed in the world” buy silver while it is available

Karl Denninger: 2011-02-03 Food Riots.mp4

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