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Who owns the Federal Reserve?

I came across this page and found it very interesting. The Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. has private shareholders and closed books. If you want to know some of the relationships between powerful families and banks and where they fit into the fold of the FED, look at the relationships on this page. Inflation […]

Gerald Celente & Alex Jones on the Current State of Affairs 3/30/11

Keep stacking.

The Wicked Witch Makes A Plan

If you cant beat em, join em!


Mike Maloney talks about physical metals vs paper mining stocks: Follow him at

2011-3-30 silver price model parameters

Here the silver price model parameters are looked at. This is math.
Silver exponentially moves with linear changes in gold price with the correlation graph visibly showing the linear trends. Gold is mapped to the x-axis linearly. Silver is mapped to the Y-axis on log-scale showing a visual linear pattern.
The math is: log ( silver_high divide by silver_low ) / (gold_high minus gold_low) = log( factor )
100 x (10 to the power factor ) = % change in silver for every dollar change in gold

2011-3-30 silver rising

Spot price shown side by side, gold & silver, with new price model snap shot pics
Gold price model still unchanged – no errors have been detected.
Silver price model matched to most recent correlation. 2 main slopes exist for up-trending & down-trending of the gold+silver combined moves. The up-trending slope is used to set the margins based on gold price margins for every future date


Mike Maloney has done tremendous work researching historical cycles in wealth. He continues to accurately predict different economic meltdowns. Follow him over at

What Did Gold and Silver Buy You in Ancient Rome?

Came across this video and had to share it. Keep stacking! Buy physical. The time tested asset class that protects you from currency devaluation.

TheAntiTerrorist, Right on the ‘Money’

This guy explains the way the Federal Reserve is stealing your wealth, that is, if you can get past the mask and voice 😉 Protect yourself from a system designed to steal from you and buy physical silver.

JP Morgan COMEX Silver Delivery Fraud Update

Harvey Organ agrees. This whole JPM becoming a certified COMEX vault thing is a sham and JPM’s days are short. These are desperate moves and more people are beginning to agree. Harvey Organ article talked about in the video here. watch the video preceding this one here. Buy silver and get some popcorn cause this […]