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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Comparing Fukushima to Three Mile Island

and here are the new animations from ZAMG that show the plume path across the Northern Hemisphere: Period 1 dated 3/12 through 3/18 : Period 2 dated 3/19 through 3/27 : This does not look good and will get worse. Buy food and water, then buy silver.

Glenn Beck on The Creature from Jeckyll Island

I am not always a big fan of Glenn Beck but this is a great recap of The Creature from Jeckyll Island: Buy silver and protect yourself from the banksters.

Will Gold & Silver Be Confiscated?

Keep Stacking.

Gerald Celente – The State of the Insurrection

Buy Silver

Bob Chapman – The State of the Insurection

Buy Silver before it explodes.

TFMetals: The Wicked Witch of New York

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