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Monthly Archives: April 2011

BrotherJohnF: Silver Update 4/28/11 – Shortage

“The existence of a shortage is PROOF that there is interference in the free market” – BrotherJohnF Buy food and physical silver.

Gerald Celente – The State of Affairs 4/27/11

Buy food and physical silver.

Fight of the Century- Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

Because everything makes sense in rap form: Buy physical silver.

Obama Birth Certificate Scam? 2011-04-27 Obama.mp4

Obama’s Birth Certificate: The “copy” the White House released is not a copy. It is manufactured. This video goes through the proof, and it’s much more than the Illustrator “breadcrumbs” that others have found and talked about. You’ve been had America, and the White House was dumb enough to stick proof of it on their […]

Silver Trading Charlatans – The Weekly Telegram

Keep Stacking! Buy physical silver.

APMEX Offering FREE SHIPPING on Your First Mobile Order This Week Only

Apmex will give you free shipping on your first order using the mobile coupon code on the site. But don’t delay because it ends this week and at current prices, this is a steal!

Motley Fool IS the Fool

First buy food, then buy physical silver.

Ron Paul: The Day of Reckoning Is Coming

First buy food, then buy physical silver.

Silver near 50 dollars gold over 1515

Is silver going back down to 42 ? Don’t Panic –

JS Mineset Approximity –

This may be of interest, despite any main-stream media spin – – Feb & March big buys for Thailand & for Mexico in gold

Bob Chapman: The State of Affairs on SGTBull 4/24/11

[part 1 video] [part 2 video] Comex default nears and $50 will be NO RESISTANCE. Stay safe. First buy food, then buy physical silver.