Silver as an investment

Warren Edward Pollock: Greece = Who Must Drink the Poison of Bad Debt

“French and German bankers want to be paid back at all costs. To Greece this would cause a massive degradation in standard of living. Banks and Greece both enjoyed credit expansion. Now nobody wants to take the hit. The bankers of Europe knew the debt could never be paid back. Its was profitable to print money and take commission. Without credit an economy dies. So if Greece does not pay back the money then the IMF will cut them dry thereby killing the economy. But if the people of Greece privatize everything in sight and cut services-entitlements-pensions; the local economy will be killed as well. You might as well default outright. The citizens realize this is the correct thing to do. Don’t listend to the IMF because they want a Great Universal Cash Heist to occur as assets of worth are privatized. In the background are all these unresolved toxic fraud instruments called credit default swaps and derivatives.”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food

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