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MOXNEWS: Ron Paul: No Attempt To Say Maybe We’ve Overextended Ourselves With The Entitlement System

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    Ron Paul—-You’re beautiful. Thank you for your many years of service, especially for putting up with the cluelessness of your fellow Representatives. You got staying power—because you operate from a set of a priori principles and understandings, while your colleagues can’t see past the most recent polls on any given topic. You put the country first and your electability second. The people in your district are to be commended for seeing beyond the flim-flam and glitz and repeatedly electing a man of principle.

    You have inspired millions. It’s not your fault that, except for evidently your district in Texas, Americans have been dumbed down to the point of irrelevancy. Maybe it’s something in the water your constituency is drinking that has sobered them up.

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    Ron Paul is a physician. I think that that qualifies him an expert when it comes to healthcare. What do the others really know about it? He has been there and done that. I like my doctor and I am sure that Dr. Paul is knowledgable just like my physician. It is about time we had a smart, honest person in the White House.

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