Silver as an investment

Warren Edward Pollock: Risk off Stocks to the Ultra-Risk of Bonds, The MIC, Comic-Congress

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

“As the stock market goes down; people move into the ultra-risk of US government and municipal bonds. Adjusted for risk US bonds need to yield 8%-25% or more. No safety can be found in US bonds which are keyed to confidence in the US government. Stocks are a function of earnings, which are deteriorating and will continue to do so. Challenging times are ahead. We need to cut Empire and transform our War Department into a Defense department. If we were truthful about accounting we could spend 1.7% of GDP, about the same amount per capita as Canada. As far as social security is concerned, give me my money back compounded. In a Fraud case against congress we are entitled to be made whole.”

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