Silver as an investment

Jim Rickards on Gold, S&P Downgrade – CNBC 8/9/11

Jim Rickards discusses gold and the importance of the barbaric relic in geopolitical terms. As Rickards is trying establish his thesis on gold and the dictatorial powers of the USA, the hosts and guest promptly do their best to downplay the importance of gold and Rickards’ analysis. Gold hit $1700 this morning and Rickards calls the United States a gold superpower and the Saudi Arabia of gold. He also mentions how the US could simply confiscate gold not only of its citizens, but that of other nations’ gold that is stored in the USA. Jim Rickards has some interesting points of view and always provides great insight and analysis, even if he is ridiculed by those who proudly claim they don’t understand gold, like those on this interview.

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

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