Silver as an investment

Jim Rickards: Gold is Money ($7,000 Gold Price) – CNBC 8/22/11

Jim Rickards must be a very nice man because every time he is interviewed on this channel, the brilliant hosts (said sarcastically) continually mock him by making light of his thoughts on gold as money. Jim Rickards presents yet another clear and concise message as to why gold is money and the gold price should be around $7,000/oz in a few years due to the fiat money printing from the US & EU.

Rickards also discusses the importance of the SDRs issued by the IMF and the increasing importance in the rise of Germany’s powers. Germany is in the process of creating the Fourth Reich in financial terms and Rickards is ahead of the game (as usual) by understanding the nature of governments and the barbarous relic know as gold.

Great interview, just ignore the condescending attitude of those asking questions.

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

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