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BrotherJohnF: Silver Update 11/30/11 EU Ponzi Bailout

Silver Update 11/30/11 EU Ponzi Bailout

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Jim Rogers: Agriculture Probably The Best, Silver And Gold Perhaps Second Best

“I suspect agriculture products would give better protection during the next several years although gold and silver will be good too – perhaps second best.” – in CNBC`s Investor ClinicTickers, SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)…

WealthCycles: Sound and Fury Distracts Attention From Eurozone Demise


UK’s Farage likened the four Eurozone leaders to a “pack of hyenas” who deposed the elected leaders of Greece and Italy and imposed puppet leaders upon those nations.

WealthCycles: Holiday Shopping Propaganda Machine

By all reports Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011 were red-banner days for consumer spending, with implied optimism for what lies ahead for the U.S. economy. But a more measured look behind the headlines reveals that the early reports issued year after…

WealthCycles: Universal Bailout—Coming Soon!

As Europe vacillates between slow burning dumpster fire and explosive mess, it may have something to be thankful for during the U.S. Thanksgiving season—a bailout from the dollar magician himself, Mr. Ben Bernanke.
Here’s a quick summary of the deb…

SchiffReport: If you spend it, goods will come.

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/30/2011
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SchiffReport: Global Central Banks Ring Gold Buyers’ Bell

Peter reacts to this morning’s announcement of coordinated central bank bailout of U.S. and European banks. How does this affect your portfolio?

Jim Rogers: Investors Clinic: Jim Rogers on Metals and Other Commodities

Investors Clinic: Jim Rogers on Metals and Other Commodities, CNBC video.Related: ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity Index – Agriculture Total Return ETN (RJA), United States Oil Fund LP ETF (USO), iShares Silver Trust (ETF) (SLV), SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD…

Robert Rapier: The Scientific Challenges To Replacing Oil with Renewables (Improved Audio)

This podcast was presented on November 26, 2011

So, assuming the Peak Oil camp is on to something, what’s the likelihood for a disruption-free transition to another energy source that can replace the energy output we currently enjoy from oil? There’s no shortage of promising claims from new laboratory experiments, and there is a lot of optimism in political and entrepreneurial circles that renewable, alternative forms of energy (wind, solar, biofuels, etc) may be able to fill the "energy gap" in time. How realistic are these hopes?

Not very, says Robert Rapier, energy specialist and Chief Technology Officer of Merica International.

The problem is one of return on invested energy. It is extremely difficult to create fuels with the same energy-density Nature has concocted over thousands of millennia without using up as much (or more) energy in the process.

The Silver Market Psychology & Inflation

Buy Silver as the price increases to protect yourself and your assets.