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WealthCycles: ‘China Will Collapse By The End Of 2011’

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Casey Research Host: Your original estimate for the collapse of China was by 2011… do you think (that was) relatively close?
Gordon Chang: I think it is very close when you see what is going on right now. 

-Gordon Chang,

Europe seems to be on everyone’s mind the last few months. However, there is an elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring, and it’s China.

For a while it seemed everyone was proclaiming that the 21st century would be “China’s Century.” Much like the 20th was “America’s Century,” and the 19th was “Britain’s Century.” Everyone just seems to accept the fact of China’s ascendancy.

But is it true?

Gordon Chang, who writes for, thinks otherwise. His prediction is that China will collapse by the end of 2011!

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