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As Europe vacillates between slow burning dumpster fire and explosive mess, it may have something to be thankful for during the U.S. Thanksgiving season—a bailout from the dollar magician himself, Mr. Ben Bernanke.

Here’s a quick summary of the debacle in Europe. When the euro was first formed, it was formed without any real rules for countries maintaining their financial houses in order. Without any solid rules, many countries took advantage of their new lower borrowing costs (which came with being part of the euro) and borrowed lots of cash to fund a variety of different things like housing booms (and eventual busts), welfare programs, and early and rich retirement programs.  

When vast amounts of new credit finally dried up after the Financial Crisis, many of these countries were exposed as vastly overleveraged and woefully disorganized. When the markets realized this, there was a vast selloff of the flagrant countries’ bonds (Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Ireland), which forced up their interest rates and made it less likely for them to be able to repay their debt or kick the can down the road by borrowing more.

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