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The Absent Volume Metals Melt Down and Conspiracy

If the bankers didn’t have an MF Global bankruptcy they would have needed to manufacture one anyway. This is the kind of thing that will turn you into a conspiracy nut. The precious metals slaughter continues. I have a theory.I’d like to turn your a…

Eurozone credit crunch fears on M3 money contraction

Europe is at mounting risk of a fresh credit crunch after the eurozone money supply contracted for a second month in November and the volume of private loans began to shrink.Data released by the European Central Bank shows that M3 money figures tra…

Ron Paul is WINNING!

Despite getting almost no coverage of his debates, political moves, speeches, campaign, record setting donation numbers, and grassroots support not seen in decades, Ron Paul is leading in every poll being released, and only steadily increasing while the other candidates spike and crash. The vote is days away! Get your information from alternative media sources, […]

Silver Forecasts 12.31.2011

Silver Forecast with multiple scenarios

Silver ends 2011 at $27.86

Martin Armstrong’s opinion:

"Let me explain one more time why there is no inflation NOW despite the fact the Fed created almost $3 trillion of elastic money. When you have almost $60 trillion in debt, forget the derivatives and the unfunded liabilities, that contraction is far greater than the $3 trillion the Fed created. At the very least, there is a bare minimum of $15 trillion that evaporated in the deleveraging in debt on top of all the extreme numbers on derivatives.

When will gold rally. When we see new bond offerings go unsold in the USA"

Mining Shares – Exposed – Office Series 15

Mining Shares – Exposed – Office Series 15

I Don’t See Much Reason To Own Equities

I’m short emerging markets, short American technology, short European stocks – I don’t see much reason to own equities. – in CNBCJim Rogers is an author, financial commentator and successful international investor. He has been frequently featured i…

Give Free Markets A Chance

Free markets and capitalism have been getting a bad rap for decades, providing disingenuous justification for all sorts of meddling by governments and central banks. The truth of the matter is that modern society has never really given free markets a c…

Silver Update 12/29/11 SUA

Silver Update 12/29/11 SUA

***Still Having Sound Issues, Please Be Patient***

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The Calm Before the Storm

Buckle your seatbelts for an action-packed year. It’s almost like 2011 is leaving us like the cliff-hanger ending of an old comic strip—can Europe be saved? Can the euro survive? Will deflation engulf the world? Stay tuned for the next episode…&n…