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Yale Research: Commodities Better Than Commodity Stocks For Investing

Yale did a study recently showing that investors made 300% more by putting money in commodities themselves rather than commodity stocks – that is unless you’re a great stock picker. – in CNBCJim Rogers is an author, financial commentator and succes…

Lower Metals Prices a Gift

By Patrick A. Heller December 20, 2011   The U.S. government is the entity that stands to benefit the most from manipulating gold and silver prices. In fact, the price of gold is considered to be a report card on the U.S. government, economy and the dollar. To the extent that prices are rising, that […]

Stocking Up For Doomsday: It’s Not Just For “Crazies” Anymore

Before the economic crisis of 2008 there were few who considered the possibility of The End of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). We were aware of the threats posed by natural disasters – Tsunamis in Asia, earthquakes along the western Americas, and hurricanes in the Gulf. But the notion that the very system […]

Silver Chart Analysis 12.29.2011


If I Were Buying Anything I’d Be Buying Agricultural Commodities

If I were buying anything I’d be buying agricultural commodities. Going forward we’re going to have huge shortages of everything – including farmers – I think ag will be a great place for the next 10-20 years. – in CNBCJim Rogers is an author, …

Why Didn’t Wall Street Foresee the Sovereign Debt Crisis? Reggie Middleton Speaks

Reggie Middleton, in a conversation style discussion, explains how Greece became over indebted through banks making bad loans, and more importantly why practically no one in all of Wall Street warned of the sovereign debt crisis besides BoomBustBlog. This is hard hitting opinion that is too controversial to publish anywhere else.

Silver Update 12/28/11 The Final Smackdown

Silver Update 12/28/11 The Final Smackdown

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The Year Things Changed

As the year comes to a close, it is an oddly human behavior to review what happened over the past full turn of the calendar. For all intents and purposes, the end of December is as important as, say, the end of August—nothing really changes. It might…

Looking Back for Signs of Change


Watch the ubiquitous year-end reviews and ask yourself, am I seeing the beginning of the crisis of confidence that will, finally, set into motion a market-based cure for our ailing world e…

The 4 companies… that control… everything

"The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything:"

Northwestern Mutual
CME Group

Kudos to Brendan Coffey of Forbes for writing this article, real journalism here.