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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 11:04 a

Sorry for the late update this morning. Lots going on in my personal Turdland and I’m just now getting an opportunity to post some charts. That said, we are off to a great start and this week may become rather consequential as we go along.

When I say “great start”, I’m referring to the action before the Comex opened. As you can see on the charts below, once the Comex opened, The Cartel acted swiftly to cap gold at 1665. They got a little help from a rallying POSX, which tripped a few WOPRs and pushed things down a bit. No matter. I like these charts a lot. The cap at 1665 looks to fail soon, maybe overnight tonight. Gold will then move toward 1680 and the real battle will begin.



Thanks to BrotherJohnF

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