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King World News

January 31, 2012

With continued volatility in gold, silver and global stock markets, today King World News interviewed Rick Rule, Founder of Global Resource Investments and one of the most street smart pros in the resource sector.  KWN reached out to Rick, who is currently in New Zealand, to find out what his thoughts were on how investors can make money in 2012.  First, here is what Rule had to say about the action in gold and silver:  “I continue to believe that when rational people are confronted with the choice between owning dollars or euros or owning gold, increasingly people are owning gold.  I continue to believe the intermediate and longer-term move in the gold price is higher.  I think the gold price, in US dollar terms, moves inexorably higher.”

Rick Rule continues:

“Silver is already up nicely off its lows.  It’s likely also that intermediate-term, that move is higher (in silver).  I think we’re in a secular bull market.  There are more people in the world wanting more stuff and they are more able to afford it.  At the same time we are in a secular bear market in paper money.  I see the next couple of years as being interesting in a positive sense for metals buyers and gold and silver share buyers.”

Rule had this to say about how to make money in 2012:  “Well, this is shaping up to be a good (mining) market, Eric.  Last year was a dismal market, which is, paradoxically, one of the reasons why this year will be pretty good.  We’re coming off a low base and there are very low expectations and the valuations are extremely reasonable….


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