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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Guest post: The existential financial problem of our time

by Simon Black February 28, 2012 London, England [Editor’s note: Tim Price, a frequent Sovereign Man contributor and Director of Investment at PFP Wealth Management in London, is filling in for Simon today.] In December last year, the poet Alice Oswald withdrew from the TS Eliot poetry prize on the grounds that the prize was […]

ZeroHedge: How to Clear Your Google Browsing and Video History Before the New Google "Privacy" Policy Is Implemented

Google launches its new “privacy” policy tomorrow. Many commentators have said that the new policy will weaken privacy protections, and allow Google to gather enormous amounts of information across its multiple platforms … and keep…

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Denarius

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 12:27AM [ED. this post is by Chris Horlacher, TDV Correspondent] History repeats itself, so the scholars say.  But according to Mark Twain it just rhymes.  Literary quips and hair-splitting aside, I’ve found that one of the most valuable things anyone can do to advance their knowledge and understanding of the […]

Steve Keen on the transmutation of Zombie Banking into Zombie Government!

  Uploaded by CapitalAccount on Feb 28, 2012 Follow us @ Ireland will reportedly hold a referendum on Europe’s new fiscal treaty for stricter budget discipline. The former prime minister is against it, saying a no vote could force ireland out of the euro. We’ve seen referendums called for before in the Eurozone […]

ZeroHedge: Only 54% Of Young Adults In America Have A Job

A month ago, Zero Hedge readers were stunned to learn that unemployment among Europe’s young adults has exploded as a result of the European financial crisis, and peaking anywhere between 46% in the case of Greece all they way to 51% for Spain. Which …

ZeroHedge: Sean Corrigan Crucifies MMT

While hardly needing a full-on onslaught by an Austrian thinker, when even some fairly simplistic reductio ad abusrdum thought experiments should suffice (boosting global GDP by a few million percent simply by building a death star comes to mind), Dia…

streetmoney21: FED and ECB pulls off a big circle jerk as the world’s money supply just increased 712 billion US

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