Silver as an investment

WealthCycles: How To Take The First Step

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

The dollar, mentioned twice in the U.S. Constitution, was a solid silver coin. We had a $20 gold coin in America not that long ago. There is a historic precedent, saving wealth in this manner is simple.

There is going to be a point at which the herd will cross the event horizon; when something just snaps. The collective social memory is young, but others like you are seeking answers individually as well. Everyone who has been ignoring this issue of rising prices will be suddenly talking about it.

Just as has been done countless times and in countless places all throughout modern and ancient history. Everyone will be buying, and exchanging paper currencies for real money, diversifying their savings, and limiting their families’ risk.

With your research you now have a broader understanding of history, and of the differences between real wealth and paper.  It is time to change the type of “money” you save in. Time to become your very own central bank.

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