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ZeroHedge: Guest Post: And The Douchebag Of The Year Award Goes To……

Submitted by Mark McHugh from Across the Street
And The Douchebag Of The Year Award Goes To……
Unless February 29th is the new April Fool’s Day, I’m pretty sure  Alan Dlugash locked up DOTY with this remark:
People who don’t have money …

Byron King Explains: Fracking is Good For Your Wallet & the Environment–02-28-2012

  Byron King of Agora Financial is a geologist by trade, and he has actually been to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). Contrary to popular belief, the ANWR is a desolate place because very few tourists ever make it up there. So the price America is currently paying for NOT developing this extremely valuable resource is amazingly high. Without the […]

Norcini – Silver Shorts Literally Panic, Gold Shorts Now Worried

King World News February 28, 2012 With silver breaking above the $37 level and gold trading $20 higher, today King World News interviewed legendary Jim Sinclair’s chartist Dan Norcini.  Norcini told KWN what we are seeing today is a major breakout in the silver market and panic from the shorts: “Today we are seeing a […]

WealthCycles: Central Banks to Blame for Oil Price Spikes


When central banks flood the economy with excess currency, price spikes and bubbles result—this time too many dollars have pushed oil through the roof.

Although he doe…

WealthCycles: Falling Dollar Means Oil Is Cheap

While the pundits hash over the putative causes of rising gasoline prices—Mideast tension, refinery shutdowns, speculation—the harsh reality is that pump prices are going to continue climbing because they still have a long way to go. In reality, wh…

WealthCycles: How To Take The First Step

The dollar, mentioned twice in the U.S. Constitution, was a solid silver coin. We had a $20 gold coin in America not that long ago. There is a historic precedent, saving wealth in this manner is simple.
There is going to be a point at which the herd wi…

Greece/German Unemployment/Iran/Silver and Gold rise/California

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen: Gold skyrocketed northbound to the tune of $13.40 as it finished the comex session at $1787.00.  Silver also had a stellar day, finishing the day at $37.14 up $1.64.  This is the first time in quite a while that gold and silver rose big time a […]

ZeroHedge: UK Parliament Member Lord James of Blackheath Alleges 15 Trillion Dollar Fraud Involving the Fed and Imaginary Gold

British Parliament member Lord James of Blackheath has alleged in a speech before Parliament an elaborate fraud involving the US government lying about hundreds of thousands of tons of imaginary gold, illegal wire transfers and loans totaling $15 tril…

ZeroHedge: Complete Paulson 2011 Letter

There are those who voraciously, and blindly, read any and all hedge fund reports, allowing the already useless information to enter one brain hemisphere and exit the other, just so they can brag that they read such and such’s monthly or year end lett…

Premature Obituaries?

  Uploaded by bigdad06 on Feb 28, 2012 I speak with Jeff Nielson from Bullionbullscanada about his recent articles which are here… here and here… . In this video we referred to Prof. Antal Fekete’s article Premature Obituaries and the link is here . Silver breaks out above $37 and gold […]