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Ellis Martin Report with Brent Cook of Exploration Insights

Ellis Martin interviews Brent Cook of before a recent trip to Australia. The gentlemen discuss the state of the precious metals market as well as acquisition strategies for major players in mining. Where are the opportunities?

Six Months Food is 105 Ozt American Silver Eagles, Provident Metals

Like it? Subscribe & Investigate Further – Show more below… NOTE: Provident cut the special short by 2 hours ;( … Anyway the message is still relevant to stacking food before precious metals, so I’ll keep the video up. Get 6 months of Freeze died food with 105 troy ounces of American Silver Eagles… a […]

No More Viagra For Mario Monti And His Ilk

Wolf Richter Economic, regulatory, and entitlement reforms are tough. While they’re supposed to open opportunities, put budgets on sounder footing, or make the economy more competitive, they invariably cut into the flesh of some groups, who then react with demonstrations and strikes to draw attention to their plight and put pressure on the reformers […]

TurdSpeaks – 3/31/12

Turdville is growing and the possibilities are endless.

S.C. Treasury REPORT: Banking Cartel Has Engaged in "Artificial Gold/Siver Price Suppression"

Read my detailed piece right now at SGTreport:

The content in my videos and on …

Germany the Vampire Squid of Europe

Herr VAMPIRE SQUID revisited and affirmed- Germany is in it for Germany, not for united Europe. When you look at Europe and see that Germay is a success and no one else is, there is a reason for that. Germany, after ‘trapping’ many countries in the e-Zone ignored their situation while Germany continues to post […]

Chicago Resource Expo

I speak with Eric Radez who is the co Chairman of the Chicago Resource Expo. The Expo is free to the public and the website is . Mega millions is just another tax on the poor and middle class then the link is here . GNP Growth at 1.8% versus 3.0% GDP – […]

Europe: "€1 Trillion May Not Be Enough"

A core piece of last week’s European newsflow was that following much pushback, Angela Merkel, who understands the underlying math all too well, finally dropped her opposition to expanding the European “firewall” in the form of a combined EFSF and ESM rescue mechanisms, to bring the total “firepower” to €800 billion (ignoring for a moment […]

Are WE Repeating HISTORY?

Major Dollar devaluation is taking place, historic changes are on the horizon, where will be stand?

TurdSpeaks – 3/31/12

Turdville is growing and the possibilities are endless.