Silver as an investment

Silver to glitter more on industrial use, difficult to find substitutes: Penny Stocks

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May 07, 2012 – commodity online

NEW YORK(Commodity Online): The increasing industrial use of silver will help the metal outperform gold when it comes to precious metal investments, as the supply/demand fundamentals point to a continued scarcity of silver and ensure a shortage of supply in future which will end in the higher silver bullion prices, says the recent article in financial site Penny Stocks Detectives.

Danny Esposito, editor of Penny Stock Detectives, put forward certain reasons to justify her statement that silver is a better investment option than gold. He says, “Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any element known to man and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal, making its industrial uses critical. More importantly, because of silver bullion’s unique properties, it is difficult to find substitutes for the precious metal.”


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