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WealthCycles: Facebook IPO- Shares Spike Valuation to $178 Trillion

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

Yes, you read that right, Facebook was briefly valued at 3 times larger than the entire world output. So there is nothing wrong with present-day markets? See our piece Are the Machines in Charge?

Facebook Shares Spike 50000 in EU Trading IPO

2.8 billion shares x €50,000 = $178 Trillion “market” valuation of Facebook…

Bloomberg’s Sheila Dharmarajan says: “Nasdaq not distributing reports in timely fashion”

The official wire comes in:

Not surprising at all with robots malfunctioning and markets collapsing in recent years (recall Nucor Steel hitting $0.01 a share); Generally – models behaving badly- Just ask JP Morgan.

Facebook IPO Shares Spike Valuation to $178 Trillion

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