Silver as an investment


Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / May 25, 2012

Uncle Buck (lower panel) has broken above the neckline of a potential Inverted H&S-like pattern that we noted in NFTRH187 a couple weeks ago.  The gold-silver ratio (upper) is still fooling around below strong resistance.

NFTRH has long held that it might take a jab up into this resistance zone by GSR to get Policy Central off its ass to begin massaging the public with propaganda about further debt monetization, i.e. QE, in support of the economy.

For its part, Uncle Buck has already broken upward through resistance and yet the gold miners have begun to recover a bit while this is happening.  But then again, it is the commodity and general ‘gold is silver is copper is oil is hogs’ inflation touts who fear the US dollar.

It still says here that the very thing – economic contraction – that would drive up the USD temporarily, would also drive up the fundamental backdrop for the gold mining sector as the ‘real’ (commodity and stock market adjusted) price of gold rises.  The ‘RPG’ (Biiwii TM… ;-) ) remains in consolidation post euro crisis, but should be key to our course going forward.

On the micro term, USD is very over bought.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF

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