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Greg Mannarino- The Game Is Rigged

(1) I discuss how Greg believes that our financial markets are rigged just as the casino games in Vegas. (2) We discuss Greg’s book in detail and illustrate how the government is in bed with businesses. (3) We talk about the brainwashing/propaganda preventing people from understanding the financial crisis. (4) We discuss whether China will […]

Interest Rates Low; Gold Prices Up! / by Jason Hommel / June 30, 2012 JH MINT, Inc., has over $1 million of silver and gold to sell.  Visit us at Why hold bonds that pay 3% or less, when gold, on average, has been up an average of 18% per year since the year 2000? And silver has done […]

How Many Times Has This Happened In The Last 3 Years?

How many times has this happened in the last three years – they (EU leaders) have had a meeting, the markets have rallied, two days later the market says wait a minute this doesn’t solve the problem. – in CNBC Related:  SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), Ishares MSCI Emerging Markets, United States Oil Fund LP (ETF) […]

Warren Pollock – Je me Souviens & the US Moving Towards a "Failed Nation State"?

Kickstarter Fundraiser Je me Souviens does not translate very well to English, but I think we need to understand the meaning very well. The people of Quebec got something very right.. I want to support them all I can. The quiet revolution was from the bottom up.. I provide some perceptions about Quebec that […]

Silver Update 6/30/12 Silver and Euros

Software Provided With Permission By If you dont hold it, you dont own it GEAB N°66 Seigniorage

LIBOR 4-1-9

I remember the first time I had to toil through the turgid definitions and legal boilerplate constituting the LIBOR provisions of a typical syndicated loan agreement. I remember saying to myself I hope I never have to look at this shit again. But it was not to be. During the course of my career I […]

Germany Cries: "Europe Is Coming For Our Money", Greece Promptly Obliges

“Greece is an exception in the Euro Zone” – Angela Merkel, December 9, 2011 “Exception from ESM Seniority only applies to Spanish aid” – Angela Merkel, June 29, 2012   It took about a year, but finally Germany, with a little assistance from Merkel on Friday morning, has figured it out. And is now blasting […]

Devalue the Euro?

Holy smokes! The EU technocrats have finally pulled out the big guns! The agreement on Friday was to take the incredibly bold step of avoiding subordination in the Spanish bond market. The money needed for the busted Spanish banks will now be made available directly from Brussels with few strings attached. Wow! What a breakthrough! […]

Foie gras and Illegal Immigrants

Wolf Richter The other day, we were doing one more time what on Sunday will become illegal in California: eating foie gras in a restaurant. Pan seared foie gras “traditionally raised in Sonoma, California,” served with poached local apricots. I’d go to jail for this anytime. We were sitting at the edge of San […]

2012.06.30 Gold & Silver Charts

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