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Headline in Spain: Government ‘sacrificed’ Bank of Spain in Exchange for Financial Sector Bailout; ESM Agreement Raises More Questions Than Answers

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In the wake of a huge market reaction on Friday, it’s interesting to see how the headlines read other places, especially Spain.

Here is one such viewpoint by El ConfidencialGovernment ‘sacrificed’ Bank of Spain in Exchange for Financial Sector Bailout

 The clearest conclusion to the European Agreement made by Spain and Italy is that our government has preferred to sacrifice the sovereignty of the banking supervision enjoyed by the Bank of Spain in exchange for the bailout of the sector does not compute as debt or deficit and that The European rescue fund to buy Spanish debt when things get as ugly as this week. However, many unknowns are open, including the timing of the operation. Therefore, the FROB who will initially inject capital to entities that need it in September, with funds from European loan subsequently permutarán MEDE the money.

“The government has chosen to advance the loss of competition in banking supervision, it was inevitable sooner or later if you go to a European Banking Union in exchange for breaking the feedback loop between the banking and public debt, which is very positive and not only for Spain, “says an analyst.

Officials of both Economy and the Bank of Spain claimed yesterday that has not yet been defined how will such a monitoring mechanism or what the status of the former Central Bank. Some sources believe that it is logical that national central banks are the arms of the central agency in each country and to continue in office today, but accountable to a higher power who will make the final decisions.


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