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The Dark (Pool) Truth About What Really Goes On In The Stock Market

Courtesy of the author, we present to our readers the following excerpt from Dark Pools: High-Speed Traders, AI Bandits, and the Threat to the Global Financial System, by Scott Patterson, author of The Quants. In early December 2009, Haim Bodek finally solved the riddle of the stock-trading problem that was killing Trading Machines, the high-frequency […]

Crude Oil Market: A Perfect Bear Storm Despite the Euro Pop

By EconMatters Crude oil prices, along with world stocks, surged on Friday after euro zone leaders reached an accord on directly recapitalizing regional banks as well as measures to cut soaring borrowing costs in Italy and Spain.  Brent crude jumped more than 7% in one day to close at $97.80 a barrel, while WTI also settled […]

29 Jun 2012 – " One Step Beyond " (Madness, 1979)   Understands who can… The Brussels nightly drama yielded first tweeted “results”, then none, then yes. Then some bickering, Southern drama, then truce. Then they still were not done haggling. In any case, first white smoke signals 30 minutes ahead of the US close managed to turn around the equity market sharply by over 1%, […]

77 Unbelievable Facts About the Collapse

from TruthNeverTold Join us at Thanks to NIN for the DRM _Free Music off of their Ghosts Album Tweet

Mainstream Economics is a Cult

  Neoclassical Economics Is Based on Myth Neoclassical economics is a cult which ignores reality in favor of shared myths. Economics professor Michael Hudson writes: [One Nobel prize winning economist stated,]  “In pointing out the consequences of a set of abstract assumptions, one need not be committed unduly as to the relation between reality and […]

Triple Lutz Report #197 – Join Me In LV For Freedom Fest – The Obamacare Big Deal

from FinancialSurvivalNet Freedom Fest 2012 is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. If you’re planning to attend, please send me an email at We’re having a get together, with Robert Ian and other frequent guests of the show. There are at least 10 people attending Freedom Fest who make […]

Guest Post: Whitewashing The Economic Establishment

Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics Whitewashing The Economic Establishment Brad DeLong makes an odd claim: So the big lesson is simple: trust those who work in the tradition of Walter Bagehot, Hyman Minsky, and Charles Kindleberger. That means trusting economists like Paul Krugman, Paul Romer, Gary Gorton, Carmen Reinhart, Ken Rogoff, Raghuram Rajan, Larry […]

Path for Peace: Russia & West agree on transition government for Syria

The worlds major world powers have agreed on a transitional roadmap for Syria, which they say will allow Syrians to determine their own future without outside interference. Following a crisis meeting in Geneva, Russia’s Foreign Minister said the document contains no ultimatums and includes representatives from all sides of the political divide. RT’s Yegor Piskunov […]

Why Germany’s TARGET2-Based Eurozone Preservation Mechanism Is Merely A Ticking Inflationary Timebomb

We have covered the topic of the German TARGET2 imbalances previously, both from the perspective of what catalysts can lead the Bundesbank to suffering massive losses (the one most widely agreed upon being a collapse of the Eurozone, which explains why even discussions of that contingency are prohibited in Europe), from the perspective of its […]

Keiser Report: Barclays’ Bad Bet (E308)

from RussiaToday In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss ‘big boys’ and carding crimes, marmite pots and Olympic has-beens, wash trades and perfect games. In the second half of the show Max talks to former commodities analyst and blogger, Michael Krieger, about the meaning of the escalating and blatant financial crime wave. […]