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Big Mogambo Plans (BMP)

by Richard Daughty As a loving, thoughtful, devoted father and husband, I occasionally have a thought for my loving family. Not entirely free of selfish intention, I hope that the wife and kids would see what a terrific dad and husband I am, decide that they have been wrong about me all this time, […]

Went Wrong

by Gary North, Tea Party Economist Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s day of birth. The Wall Street Journal ran a laudatory article on him. This year is the 100th anniversary of Ludwig von Mises’ Theory of Money and Credit. There has been no article in the Wall Street Journal. The Mises […]

Record Joblessness in Euro Zone; Hope Fades for Quick ECB Cure

by Philip Pullella and Eva Kuehnen (Reuters) – Joblessness in the euro zone hit on Tuesday its highest level since the single currency was born, a further sign of economic desperation as hopes erode that the bloc will be saved by its central bank this week. An additional 123,000 people were out of work […]

Fixing the Fixers

by Bill Bonner Daily Reckoning 07/31/12 Baltimore, Maryland – News from London is that they are going to throw the book at the LIBOR rate fixers. The insiders are facing jail time. The Telegraph has the story: Bankers found to have rigged Libor could face jail after the SFO said it will look to bring […]

Does a Long-Term Natural-Gas Downturn Signal that Investors Should Exit?

by Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist Casey Research Back in March, I warned that natural-gas reserve writedowns were looming. Last week they arrived. Encana (T.ECA), Canada’s largest gas producer, wrote down the value of its North American assets by US$1.7 billion. Declining valuations for its shale holdings in the United States caused US$1.1 billion […]

Food Prices – It’s Lights Out for Agriculture

from Wealth Cycles A second blackout in two days plunged one-half of the 1.2 billion Indian citizens into darkness. Convenience is not the only sacrifice. Agricultural supplies fall under further pressure as a result of the dry weather–the dryness is also the cause of the twin grid failures. Reuters: “Even before we could figure out […]

Military on DRUGS??

My comments on a recent conversation I had with an army sergeant about the drugging of our troops. Is this being done on purpose? Why do you think? Thanks for watching and check out

Prepping for COLLAPSE

Prepping for collapse. Here is a great article I read on this subject matter. Thanks for watching and check out

August 2012 and beyond for silver

Silver price action talk, charts, potential outcomes. Also discussion of emergency preparedness, showing off my small vegetable patch, and some links. Logarithmic monthly chart for gold and silver, going back 10 years: Mike Maloney’s new interview about gold and silver on Russia Today with Lauren Lyster: One example of Symphony of Science: (by John […]

JPM To Be Subpoenaed Over Defunct PFG’s Missing Segregated Money

The blunt trauma that JPMorgan was implicated in the missing millions from segregated accounts in Jon Corzine’s bankrupt MF Global may have passed but the memory lingers, especially for all those whose cash is still locked up somewhere in vapor space. Yet one event that may tear the scab that patiently was healing, courtesy of […]