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Why The US Is So Attractive To Money Laundering Banks

Whether you are a Mexican or a Mexican’t, it would appear that the heavily-regulated and oh-so-vaunted halls of the US banking systems would be a terribly difficult place to launder your hard-earned drug/terrorism/piracy spoils. But as Stratfor’s Ben West points out in this fascinating and brief clip, it is the ‘safety’ of the US system that makes it so attractive; for once the ‘Tony Montanas’ have found their banker ‘mark’ (whether it’s HSBC or StanChart) – and paid their ‘little friend’ the standard vig – the money flowing out the other end of the US banking systems’ laundry is as clean-looking as Carmelita Jeter the day of a drug test. The sad but true reality is – as usual – given the means, there is always a way; and the US has favored nation status among the world’s pillagers.