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Warren Pollock – The English Economic Model Will Assure Global Doom

Unfortunately, An ancient English Triumvirate of Social Theory now dominates the dogma dominating all current economic thinking including Keynesianism. Our “modern” American Empire rests on the theoretical social foundation of Smith 1776 Wealth of Nations, Malthus 1798 An Essay on the Principle of Population, and Darwin 1856 Journalized notes on Theory of Natural Selection (Origin of Species 1859). These theories form a self fulling prophecy to disaster and we cannot seem to break free of our bias.

We would be much better off to turn our thinking back to the French model supported by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Condorcet. Even the ancient French Economic model has the positive capacity to set an ideal for America that values rational thinking rather than speculative dogma. The French model was abandoned by Adams who courted the English Crown. WE could use more rational thinking because dogma will lead to self destruction for our society and potentially the world.

Buckminster Fuller describes a new age of enlightenment, based on Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science.