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WealthCycles: U.S. Income Tax – Not-So-Sweet Amendment 16

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

Nothing is certain except death and taxes.

–Letter from Benjamin Franklin to French scientist Jean-Baptiste Leroy, Nov. 13, 1789

To most people who have grown up In the United States, the obligation to pay income taxes every April 15 or thereabouts is as American as apple pie and as certain as death. But the U.S. has not always had an income tax, and the income tax has gone through several permutations in its history. More importantly, because it has become such a culturally ingrained expectation, most of us never question the true purpose of the income tax or think about how it allows the government to take wealth from some parts of the economy and move it to other parts—of the government’s choosing.

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