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Mrs. Walton’s Magnificent $2 Billion Museum, Where You Can See the Decline of American Art First-Hand

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Gary North / September 21, 2012

I toured the Crystal Bridges Museum of Bentonville, Arkansas. It is a magnificent structure. Sam Walton’s widow and family members put up about $2 billion to build it and fill it with American paintings. It costs $20 million a year to run. It is free to tour.

Nowhere can we see better the great paintings of American artists in the past, and then see the utter ugliness of modern American painting. In two hours, it becomes clear to everyone except very rich people, such as Mrs. Walton, who thinks it is all great.

To compare the Western landscapes of Thomas Moran with a pile of melted metal on the floor conveys information about the lack of taste of rich modern art collectors. They cannot tell great art from anti-art: exercises in self-conscious revolution against common sense and good taste.

Here, we see the war of modern painters and artists against the best qualities of the common man. These artists have contempt for beauty, for reliability, for coherence. And they sell their ethical rebellion to very rich people, who have been conned by art “critics” to imagine that this schlock offers something of artistic value. It does offer something of economic value: lots of money from really clueless rich people.


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