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Mike Maloney – Thank You (Tesla Accident)

Mike would like to thank every one for the cards, phone calls, emails, posts, tweets and letters he received after his recent auto accident. (Link here: )

This is a section from one of our recent Insiders Reports (dealing with QE3), that we thought would be nice to make public for those still wondering how he is doing. If you haven’t yet seen the pictures of Mike’s accident, check out the link above it is pretty amazing. Insiders will be able to log into their accounts today and see the rest of this clip, featuring Mike’s new log chart of gold accounting for the currency supply and Insider Q & As from around the world.

We receive many comments asking “Where is Mike?”, “Why aren’t you making many videos these days?” etc. We have actually been making a lot of videos, but most of them are reserved for our Insiders only. We do have some great new material that will be released publicly soon…but we reserve most of Mike’s up to the minute market analysis for our customers. If you would like to know more about the benefits of being a Insider, here is the info:

Stay tuned for a big announcement next week, make sure you are subscribed to this channel so that you don’t miss it.

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Dan ( Media Dept) Mike Maloney is the author of the world’s best selling book on precious metals investing. Since 2002 he has been advocating gold and silver as the ultimate means of protecting wealth from the games played by our governments and banking sector. Google ‘Debt Collapse’ and watch it. In this 90 minute presentation he lays down his ‘most likely’ scenario for the global economy over the next deacde…short term deflation, followed by big or even hyperinflation. Here you will learn the true definitions of inflation/deflation, the difference between currency and money, price vs value, ‘Wealth Cycles’, gold and silver accounting for the expansion of fiat currency, gold and silver supply and demand, the differences between the today’s bull market and that of the 1970s, The Debt Collapse, and more.

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