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Cyber Attacks on Banks Inspire Secret Technocratic Network to Protect Financial Information / by Susanne Posel / October 12, 2012

Last month, mainstream media reported on the cyber-attacks to our banking institutions that disrupted business and caused havoc for customers. National Security officials stated that although the attacks have begun to subside, they are remaining vigilant.

A nameless, faceless group of alleged Iranian hackers is being blamed for the attacks to JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America (BoA), Wells Fargo, US Bancorp and Citigroup. Initially, the hacker group claimed they were upset by the 14 minute trailer produced by the US government and distributed by Israeli citizen and FBI informant, Sam Bacile. Now their story is changing and Iran is the culprit behind these attacks.

US intelligence fueled by the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Intelligence Directorate (J-2) claims that Iran has been focusing on schemes to attack the US using a cyber army to target US financial institutions – although this information is derived from a “highly classified” document.

According to Pentagon analysis, “Iran’s cyber aggression should be viewed as a component, alongside efforts like support for terrorism, to the larger covert war Tehran is waging against the west.”

The cyber threat level of these banks has been raised to “high” by the industry.

Senator Joseph Lieberman was quick to point out that he believed the Iranian government was to blame and that “I don’t believe these were just hackers who were skilled enough … to cause a disruption of the websites … of Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.”