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All That’s Wrong with America

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Andrew Hoffman / October 17th, 2012

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It’s rare I vilify a “non-financial” person, but this one has been building inside me for some time now.  Thankfully, I have an outlet to do so; and I highly doubt anyone will disagree with the subject of my discourse – the depraved NFL quarterback, Michael Vick.

This may seem to simply involve RANTING about a BAD MAN; and the BAD MEN that enable him.  However, it’s more so a commentary on the ongoing decline of American culture; rapidly morphing into degeneracy.

Let’s start in 2001, when Vick – a unique, “five-tool player” – to borrow a baseball term – was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons to be their quarterback of the next decade…

Michael Vick drafted #1 overall – April 2001

…a relationship they solidified three years later, with a $130 million contract…

Vick signs record $130 million deal – December 2004

Amidst the FAME and FORTUNE of being a star athlete – and the necessity of being a ROLE MODEL – he slunk into perhaps the mist viledisgustingevil hobby on Earth –Dogfighting.

Michael Vick Dogfighting Scandal – July 2007

Dogfighting is akin to the worst imaginable crimes; including child molestationrape, and murder.  Domesticated dogs are the world’s most loyal, gentle, and helpless animals, yet the dogfighting “bloodsport” is operated for ENTERTAINMENT; as psychotic sociopaths cheer as starving, brutalized animals tear each other apart.

Sometimes punishments fit the crime; but to a man, I believe 23 months for what this monster participated in – ACTIVELY – is too little.  Perhaps, he should have been caged with a hungry dog – or HUMAN – while others cheered, and bet on his life…


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