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Guest Post: The Tremendous Economic Benefits Of Superstorm Sandy

Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform The Tremendous Economic Benefits Of Superstorm Sandy The public relations propaganda campaign to convince the ignorant masses that Sandy’s impact on our economy will be minor and ultimately positive, as rebuilding boosts GDP, has begun. I’ve been hearing it on the corporate radio, seeing it on corporate […]

Doug Casey on the Election of 2012 / By Louis James / October 31, 2012 (Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) [Editor’s Note: Your editor caught up with Doug Casey backstage at the New Orleans Investment Conference, where we both had just given talks.] L: Doug, I know you’re no fan of either presidential candidate – a pox on both their […]

Only Global Banks Will Benefit From A Cyber-Attack On The U.S. / By Brandon Smith / October 31, 2012, 04:15 When it comes to national crises and man-made disasters, America as a society has a tendency towards selective blindness.  If we were to truly think critically instead of reactively with hyperemotional conclusions, we might ask ourselves a few important questions.  In the wake of 9/11, we did […]

Ron Paul: A New Era of Liberty – Please like, share, subscribe & comment! Help the Mises Institute promote liberty for another 30 years: Facebook: Backup YouTube channel: Email updates: 10/27/2012 Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy. To spread the message, visit […]

NHS millions for controversial care pathway / By John Bingham / October 31, 2012, 10:07PM The majority of hospitals in England are being given financial rewards for placing terminally-ill patients on a controversial “pathway” to death, it can be disclosed.  Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related […]

Sandy downed 25 percent of cell masts, says FCC / By Zack Whittaker / October 31, 2012, 12:26 GMT (20:26 SGT) Summary: The worst storm to hit the U.S. in living memory has downed around a quarter of all cell masts across the ten states affected by Sandy, the federal regulator said on Tuesday. Hurricane Sandy has pulled down around 25 percent of the U.S.’ wireless companies’ cell sites in the […]

Sweden pays jobless youth to move to Norway / By Matthew Day / October 31, 2012, 4:20PM GMT A Swedish town has taken to paying people to look for work in Norway in an attempt to reduce soaring youth unemployment. Under a scheme organised by the local authorities in the town of Soderhamn and by Sweden’s national employment office, anyone aged between 18 and 28 can […]

Elliott Management Vs Argentina Round 2: Now It’s Personal

When it comes to international bondholder process, work out and restructuring (and litigation), on the one hand there is Europe, and specifically the ongoing Greek reorganization into an ever tinier balance sheet by way of cramming down weak-covenant, local-law bondholders (who are “encouraged” to participate in ever more coercive principal recovery events, as defection would […]

Bleeding the Taxpayer: An Old Technology Dolled Up As New

Wolf Richter On September 14, 1899, Henry Bliss stepped off a streetcar at West 74th Street and Central Park West in New York and got run over by a taxi. A plaque points out that it was the first automobile fatality in the “Western Hemisphere.” The taxi was an electric vehicle. As […]

Guest Post: China’s J-31 Stealth Aircraft Takes Flight

Authored by J. Michael Cole via The Diplomat, Well, the Chinese aviation industry sure isn’t wasting any time: From the first glimpse of the tarp-covered fuselage being hauled in the first official pictures released by Shenyang Aircraft Corp (SAC) in September, China’s second fifth-generation stealth aircraft, the J-31, has now taken its maiden flight. While […]