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Bitcoin Becomes Official Services Provider / By SV / December 9, 2012

Bitcoin has taken a step towards “officialness” as of 7 December in the eurozone as its network has joined the PayPal and Worldpay by becoming a registered payment services provider (PSP) under European law. The deal was made in France with the investment firm Aqoba and the Crédit Mutuel bank, and, because Bitcoin-Central now has an international bank ID number, the network can send and receive transfers to and from other banks and issue debit card for users. Bitcoin will become an official services provider, but will this eventually undermine the pseudonymous nature?

“At Paymium we spent lots of time and energy talking about Bitcoin to our regulating bodies, the Banque de France, the ACP (French equivalent of the American SEC), TRACFIN (AML French supervising body) etc. We engaged all these resources with one goal in mind: get these people to know Bitcoin, advocate our beloved crypto-currency and listen to them, help them think until they finally reach the same conclusion as we did: there’s nothing wrong with people being free. There’s nothing wrong with people freely exchanging value, we don’t hurt anybody, we’re not forcing anyone to use Bitcoin, we simply want to see our dream and the future of money become a reality.”