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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Fraud, Fraud Everywhere

by Andrew Hoffman Miles Franklin In 2013 America, the official government strategy is LYING – in all imaginable ways. And if you haven’t figured this out yet, you shortly will. Since the economy peaked at the turn of the Century – and global debt levels EXPLODED; TPTB have “altered” the truth with misleading data, manipulated […]

In The News Today

by Jim Sinclair JSMineset My Dear Friends, Today I have this feeling. In one 30-minute period I got in excess of 700 emails. That was courtesy of a well meaning website that holds mostly the same views as I do. Of course I will do my best to get back to those that seem to […]

Freedom On Tour: Bringing Liberty To the Masses

from TomWoodsTV Freedom on Tour is the program of liberty education that the Iowa GOP, now run by Ron Paul people, wants to put on all over the state. Tweet

Funding for Naples Bus Service Cut 40% With Predictable Results: Buses Run Out of Gas

by Mike Shedlock MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis A 40% funding cut to bus services in Naples, Italy had predictable results: Bus Service Grinds to Halt as Tanks Run Dry Bus service in the southern Italian city of Naples has ground to a halt after the city transport company ran out of money for fuel. […]

QB Projects Shadow Gold Price To Be $15,000 In One Year!

from King World News Today the man whose firm is well known for its $10,000 gold call told King World News he now believes that the price of gold should be substantially higher based on what has transpired with central banks. Here is what Paul Brodsky, co-founder of QB Asset Management, had to say in […]

Gold Buying Spree: All that Pivots is Gold

by Pepe Escobar Global Research To quote the immortal line in Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon, as filmed by John Huston, “Let’s talk about the black bird” – let’s talk about a mysterious bird made out of gold. Oh yes, because this is a film noir worthy of Dashiell Hammett – involving the Pentagon, Beijing, […]

Monetary Base Breaking Out! Will Gold Prices Follow?

by David Chapman Gold Seek After 18 months of going sideways, the monetary base appears to be breaking out. Given QE3 where the Fed is buying $85 billion a month of securities consisting of $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and $45 billion of US Treasuries. The Fed also appears to be now buying roughly […]

Moody’s Downgrades Canadian Banks Over Consumer Debt Exposure

by John Greenwood Financial Post Business One of the world’s leading debt rating agencies on Monday downgraded five of Canada’s big banks because of exposure to over-leveraged consumers, but stock markets seemed not to notice as bank shares continued on a winning streak that’s been going on more than six months. The action “reflects our […]

The Consolidated "Currency Wars" Chart

While we have pointed out various divergences among risk assets, the deterioration in macro fundamentals, the dismal earnings picture, and the potential for various geopolitical hotspots to ignite, there appears to be only one chart that the US equity market is willing to pay any attention to, for now – that of global central bank […]

The Tearing Of Europe’s Social Fabric

from Zero Hedge We have long-discussed the growing concerns of a rising level of social unrest in Europe. Our go-to chart has been youth unemployment – and it still reigns supreme as the scariest chart for European leaders (no matter what they publically claim). JPMorgan’s Michael Cembalest shares our concern as he opines on the […]