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Egypt Near Collapse – Part of the Cycle?

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EGYPT-Civil Unrest / By Martin Armstrong / 

The tensions are rising around the globe and they are centered on government corruption and complete failure. This is the price of Marxism. Governments have been promising so much to so many for so long, that as this generation of once hippies comes to retirement, they are getting the short end of the stick. One client sent this reality check.

But the dissatisfaction is also among the youth. The unrest began with the Arab Spring. It has spread to Southern Europe where the national unemployment levels is at Great Depression numbers yet the unemployment among the youth is over 50%. Why can’t these politicians stop and see that what they have done in the name of Marxism is a complete failure? Socialism will collapse just as it did in Russia and China because it is unfunded and as they try to fund it, they destroy economic growth.


Thanks to BrotherJohnF